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imagesThere was that time when you lived your life without cause or understanding-every moment was on a whim. You loved openly without regard to the fact that you could be hurt. You befriended anyone that was of similar nature and/or that could offer some sort of appeal to your very existence. You didn’t worry about financial status or gain. You didn’t look for the faults in any of your actions and any travesty that you met was surely by the acts of another. Life was simple in the little budding of life that began your journey.

Then there is that moment when you realize you can be hurt and you fall from the  love that once left you unbounded and blissful. You realize that people you so hastily accepted as your friend may be less of a benefit in your life and more of a burden. You finally grasp that monetary gain is necessary in some amount of effort to live in modern society comfortably and that some materialistic desires actually mean that you have to work for them and still work on a long term financial plan. You cross that moment when you realize that your own actions, choices, and reactions may actually be completely, irrevocably your own single-handed undoing for an unwanted outcome to any given situation. This is that moment when you realize that there is more to life, more to learn from, and the flower blooms.

Then there is the time to come when you realize that after loving and hurting, you can and will love again even with the same risk as before. You will reevaluate the friendships you have to weed out those that don’t promote your self-interests and share your like morals and standards;thus, you will seek to find those worthy of your trusted circle of friends. You realize that your hard work will ease your financial burdens with sound planning and moderate self-control even if you will not retire a millionaire (because at this point you understand true prosperity is more in life than the dollar). You will analyze your stance in life, both inner and outer, in order to adjust your thought processes to make better decisions and therefore reap the benefits of such choices as they impact you and those around you.

You…I…We all will continually evolve and grow as we travel in life’s journey. Your existence as is mine or anyone else’s is truly just an opportunity held within each of us …waiting for the lessons and experiences of living to take hold.images (3)