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I couldn’t sleep so here is my random thoughts for the wee hour! Here is a random word bank; you can choose to be on top and think positive or you can let yourself fall below and be lost to negative emotions. Ask yourself-Does being negative really benefit me in anyway? NO, it doesn’t. So change your mindset and learn a new positive word!! …Which sounds better to you? hmph!?

Whole, Believe, Faith, Joy, Love, Embrace, Fulfilled, One, Union, Fixed, Inclusive, Unabridged, brimming, filled, abounding, abundant, adequate, awash, big, bounteous, brimful, burdened, bursting, chock-full, competent, complete, crammed, crowded, entire, extravagant, imbued, intact, laden, lavish, loaded, overflowing, padded, plenteous, plentiful, profuse, replete, running over, sated, satiated, satisfied, saturated, stocked, stuffed, sufficient, voluminous, …


Divided, Tears, Sad, broken, disengaged, Disruptive, rude, obnoxious, Incomplete, Segmented,  busted, collapsed, cracked, crippled, crumbled, crushed, damaged, defective, demolished, disintegrated, dismembered, fractured , fragmentary, fragmented, hurt, in pieces, injured, mangled, mutilated, pulverized, rent, riven, ruptured, separated, severed, shattered, shivered, shredded, slivered, smashed, split…..

We can all choose….I choose positive thoughts and that equals positive reinforcement!