Cinfully Cyngelic

I am not sure yet which side will win, but I do know I am not willing to stop pursuing whatever dreams may develop….

If I told my life’s story thus far, and I may someday, I wonder what that would read like? Those in my tangible world that I have shown and shared the essence of me understand how truly grateful I am for every opportunity, every breath, and every challenge because that means I am still living! Some would say that there are people twice my age that have not and will not face the challenges and hurdles I have been through, but then that is what makes us unique-And I like being me.

I never do anything I am ashamed of and I know that every lesson learned has had some intrinsic value. Everything I am to this point has been molded and shaped out of my life experiences, the interactions and intertwining of those I have crossed paths with. I am diverse as they come outside my realm of shadows and walls…What will I post next? Who will know because I can only speak for the moment! Thank you for sharing and reading a little piece of me-enjoy!



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