Some of my old favorite sayings, quotes, and little pieces of me!


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These are past little quotes or “sayings” that I simply adore! Enjoy a bit of my inner quibbles and thoughts…

“Boundaries, walls,, etc., are meant to keep certain things in and certain things out…Which side will you fall on?”

“Water’s currents will fuel the energy and the stronghold of the sands shall hear the moon’s chant…”

“The eyelid flutters with the whisper of an angel’s wing to let the waterfall out as it will be absorbed by the sun fading into the sky…”

“She’s reaching up on her tip toes to the darkest of skies for she knows that with a new day the horizon shines in a different cast of hues..”

“With time there is growth and understanding-the wings slowly unfold to arch up to the skies above yet again…Ready to fly among the horizon!”

“Carefully they pluck the feathers one by one until she can no longer fly, yet she remains..What lives beneath her ominous eyes few know.”

“Forget not a kiss that feels like the grace of an angel’s wings brushing your heart~”

“A waterfall is a ponderous beauty as its ripples and torrents flow forward and down to meet the simplicity of what lies beneath…Dive in.”

“Blue horizon so simple in the morning dew…the sunrise glittering in the morning waves and the moonlight that dances in nightly embraces…”

“The waves crash into the shore to chip away pieces and before you know it they’re rolling back out to the sea to meet another blue horizon.”

“The waters will whisper in the crashing waves…the sand will cage it’s secrets…darkness will find my mind fluid with rampant verse…”

“Sometimes you don’t want to be heard or understood…sometimes you just want to have an amazing embrace and simply be quiet.”

“-Going to bury it deep in the shoreline like a yellow rose left adrift and pray the coastline catches her.”

“When I’m Cinful…I might just be thinking of you, but when I’m Cyngelic…it’s you that’ll be thinking of me…”

“Trapped in the analytical wormhole of my mind!…Someone grab a fishing pole and see what you find!”

“Life is a kaleidoscope; First it appears to be a thousand shattered pieces, but when you throw it all together you see something beautiful!!”

“My heart and soul remain guarded behind iron wrought doors…Knock loudly to gain entry if you don’t already have a key!!!”

“..learn to love life…lead instead of follow…be lovable and lust-worthy, likable and always luminous…Don’t be me-be you!”


From beginnings comes an end, from there I grow…


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I find myself driven for new outlets and resources as I find my way in a torrential downpour of what has been, is ever present, and will become of my life, soul, and belief in the person I am to become. How is it that we often let our emotions entrap us and pull us away from the core of our very existence? I find that it is only in my mind’s eye and truly the depths of my overflowing heart that the answers will prevail. “Perseverance never prevailed without determination.” I never give up, but that doesn’t mean what I want-who I strive to be or what/who I have faith in will not change. I am simply what I will myself to be…unbound, fearless, relentless, wildly enthralled and enamored by my own self-motivated interests…and all aside, still willing to love and live with a shred of hope that there is still the good of those I may so humbly intertwine with in this somewhat chaotic journey…